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Water's Energy

I took this picture right where a natural spring first formed a little creek, near Mt. Lassen. The creek was about a foot deep, and the creek bed was full of multi-colored small rocks. I put my camera on a tripod in the middle of the creek, with a macro lens attached (a macro lens is for close up photography). I pointed the lens straight down at the water, with the end of the lens no more than a few inches from the water's surface. I then focused on the rocks at the bottom of the creek bed. With the shutter release on a two second delay, I would hold a small rock in my left hand, press the shutter release button, count to about 1 ½ seconds, and then drop the rock right into the frame of the soon-to-be-taken picture to see how the water agitation would impact the picture. This is the result! It's right out of the camera, with no snazzy post processing to make the picture look how it looks. The water in the creek was moving from left to right; you can see that pattern here.